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NewRAD has a long history of innovative and high-quality software, and we are excited to present our new and current offering.

NewRAD CNC with GCode Draw is a new, powerful, integrated software suite made for CNC enthusiast. It is easy and fun to use, and with essentially zero learning curve, so you can start being productive almost instantly.

NewRAD CNC is a full featured, Windows-based, CNC Controller (GCode sender) specifically designed to work with GRBL, and tested successfully on the cheapest possible hardware, an Arduino Uno, and GRBL-Comaptible CNC Shield using RAMPS. NewRAD CNC has a one-click philosophy and is a luxury to use, compared to most other CNC controllers. It includes 2 luxurious transports yielding 4 styles of motor control, augmented with the keyboard for finer or coarser motor jogging. It includes colorful screen choices or "skins", and some cool and novel features, like real-time Draw-to-Motor control, in absolute or relative position. This gives you a novel robotic-style form of motor control for possible new creative applications.

GCode Draw is a powerful 2D draw program with an integrated "2 1/2D" GCode Generator. It is intuitive so you can begin using it immediately, with no learning curve, except with advanced features. It is designed specifically for CNC usage, and includes draw features targeted for typical CNC applications, like an oval with curved text object, and flipping or rotating groups of objects which can be fantastic when creating designs. See the video, or webpage for all of its amazing features.

NewRAD CNC with GCode Draw is an excellent choice for newcomers to CNC, CNC hobbyist, CNC enthusiasts, or home-based "micro-factories", etc.

NewRAD CNC (GRBL Controller)

GCode Draw

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